I'm a mixing / mastering engineer and producer who works with artists to elevate their records and bring their creative ideas to life.

Through collaboration, I help artists realise the vision for their music, create art that connects with their audience, and further their career. I can offer everything from mixing and mastering, to production, to live show development.

I've helped artists achieve 10+ million streams in over 100 countries as a producer, developed live shows for major label artists and international tours as a musical director, and have performed at many of the largest music festivals across Australia & New Zealand as a touring drummer. 

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, I'm currently based from my studio in Saigon, Vietnam, working online with artists from all over the world. 



Sex On Toast - 'Oh Loretta'
[Credit: Co-Production, Drums]
Priscilla - 'Dance Through The Night'
[Credit: Co-Production, Mixing, Mastering]
VOLTAK - 'Chaos'
[Credit: Mixing, Mastering]
Alexander Flood - 'Pathways' (feat. Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah)
[Credit: Mixing, Mastering]
Alex Flood 7.jpeg
"I really love working with Gareth because he always brings creativity, professionalism, efficiency, and a vast wealth of knowledge and technical ability to any mix project - I can always rely on him to elevate my music and achieve any desired sound. He mixed and mastered my debut album 'Heartbeat', and through the process brought the music to a whole new level and energy. Also being a drummer, Gareth absolutely nails drum sounds – something that is a very important aspect of my music."

- Alexander Flood
(drummer, producer, composer)
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"Gareth has exceptional skills in the audio and producing realm, with a super disciplined work ethic to match. He will deliver your mixes sounding detailed and fat, offer excellent guidance as a producer, and send back masters that will sound awesome on any speakers or cans. Some of the best ears in the biz!"

- Angus Leslie
Sex on Toast


"Gareth is a true artist as well as a consummate musician. This guy also has an expansive vision of what music can be and he cares deeply about his craft.


If he works on something it’s going to absolutely top shelf every time. He has ears, taste, skill and professionalism like very few I have ever come across." 

- Barney McAll

(Grammy-nominated & ARIA award winning composer, producer, pianist) (Sia, Daniel Merriweather)


"It is such a pleasure to work with Gareth. He’s humble and easy to work with, and his work ethic, creativity, passion and care is incredibly inspiring. With his ears and taste we can trust him to bring our music to another level and absolutely nail our vision.” 


Tiaryn .jpeg

"Working with Gary was effortless and fun! I felt that we established a great balance of communication where we could both voice our opinions, tastes and concerns about the music and arrive at a happy meeting place.


Gary always made me feel that my vision was important and that he was striving to help me realise it. Gary works quickly, thoroughly and efficiently. It was an absolute delight and I'm stoked with the result."

- Tiaryn Griggs

(singer, songwriter, producer) 


"It was such a pleasure having the opportunity to work with Gareth. His attention to detail, patience and willingness to facilitate my vision was unparalleled. He treated my music like it was his own, constantly refining and evolving the mixes until we were both happy. I was never made to feel like another client and Gareth was always giving my music the care that it deserved. His organisation is admirable, and having Gareth involved in my project was truly an honour."

- Soliloquy

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