PART 1 - Pre Production

During our first discussion, we'll take a look at your goals and put together a solution. We'll establish the right sound and emotion for your record - a sound that's authentic to you and appropriate for your goals. We'll also set out a project schedule so we have a timeline for when the project will be completed. 

PART 2 - Production

There's a number of ways we can produce your music depending on your needs. We'll work through a collaborative process to create the record, and I can handle as little or as much of this part of the process as you want.

For Full Track Production:

If needed, I can help with songwriting, song structure and melodies. I'll develop the instrumental track, and can bring in talent from my trusted network of world-class session musicians. I'll send the instrumental track to you so you can record your vocals or other instruments. If needed, I'll help you find a great studio, or help you record your vocals at home to get excellent results.

Finishing Production (for self-produced artists / producers / DJs) :

You can send me what you've already recorded/produced, we'll listen and discuss options, and if it improves the record we can add and/or refine elements to bring your track to the next level.

PART 3 - Mixing and Mastering

Mixing & Mastering:

Once you're happy with the production, we'll mix and master the tracks to give you a polished, professional, release-ready sound. Sent to you in an easy, downloadable link including all of the multi-tracks for your live show.

Note: For self-producing artists interested in learning more about production, we can jump on a zoom call once everything is complete where I will show you what’s “under the hood” of the production and mix.

Keen to talk about your project?

Get in touch via the contact form, tell me a bit about your project, and I'll be in touch soon!


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